Apple Repair Stores in Paris

Apple apparently used to have a huge store on Champs Elysees. When I called through the Yellow Pages (Pages Jaunes) I fell upon an Apple dealership in Clamart which is a suburb of Paris. They referred me to a dealership near the Republique Metro stop. When I called up this dealership, they told me they would have to order the adaptor I needed (the frayed wire on mine emitted sparks for several weeks before quitting definitely). When I wanted to stop by the dealership, they told me I had to send them an e-mail to place the order! Easy to do if you computer is operating. Finally, I found CTI in the 9th arrondissement, Metro: Notre Dame de la Lorette. #1 rue Choron.
Tel. 01 48 78 07 46.

First of all, the response was courteous and helpful. Most importantly, they had an adapter in stock. Secondly, I was able to go to the office immediately and pick up the adaptor, try it out on location. I found out while I was there that CTI has a relatively quick turnaround time for computer repairs. Expect to spend at minimum 60 Euros for an estimate which is included in the cost of the repair if you decide to have them go ahead with the work.