Weird Restaurants in Paris

A restaurant where you can drink your cocktail on the top of a Formula 1 motor? A restaurant that has goldfish in its toilets? Dining in the dark – complete darkness, or dining in a garage, or in someone’s private apartment? It seems like anything and everything is possible when it comes to retaurants in Paris. I’m not going to give any of Jacques Garrance and Stephanie Rivoal’s secrets away from their book
Paris Bars & Restos Insolites, Editions Jonglez.

I found their book at the FNAC bookstore (136, Rue de Rennes, Montparnasse)and even though I’ve heard of some of the restaurants through various news stories, there are plenty that I didn’t know about, some I’ve tried out – like the Palais du Chaillot restaurant (with the great view of the Eiffel Tower) which has gone through several hands since we last went – and several price increases as well!).




Even though this book is written in French, you can catch the gist with the aid of ample illustration. For those of you who are disappointed to hear that the Samaritaine cafe view may no longer be an option, it’s nice to know that there are still some restaurants with great views of the capital. You’ll find them in this book. Buy this book – and keep it under your hat!

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