Watching the Rugby World Cup for Free in Paris

Palais du Chaillot viewed from the Eiffel Tower
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

Hotel de Ville for Big Screen Viewing of the Rugby World Cup

Tonight, (Sept 6 ’07) you can see the Eiffel Tower bathed in Rugby colors, and if you’re looking for a big screen or an ‘ecran geant’ for watching the opening games, you need not go far from the Eiffel, just head on up to the Esplanade at the Palais du Chaillot, Metro: Trocadero. Here is one of two gathering places in the city of Paris to watch the games and catch up on your rugby terminology.

Its being called a Village of Nations, a multicultural area where rugby supporters can view the games on big screens. The broadcasts will start tonight (September 6th and run through October 20th)




Big screens will also be set up in front of Paris’s Hotel de Ville (City Hall) Metro: Hotel de Ville. Aside from the big screens, you’ll find plenty of displays including a free exhibit “Rugby – A World of Emotion”

Meanwhile, rugby associations and committees will be gathering at the Charlety Stadium in Paris’s 13th arrondissement (99 Blvd. Kellerman Metro: Cite Universite) where more big screens have been installed for transmissions).

Likewise, the city of St. Denis, just north of Paris, and accessible by Metro line 13, where the opening France vs. Argentina game will be played at the Stade de France, will also have big screens set up. Not only will you be able to see the games but there’ll be plenty of music – 30 FREE concerts at
the Festivale Ovale: Metro Saint Denis – Porte de Paris.
festival-ovale.jpgGotan Project at 10:40.

Wherever you are – either in Paris city proper or in St. Denis, there’s plenty to see and do – and you don’t have to spend a fortune! Be sure to check the St. Denis and Paris city home sites for scheduling of free concerts and directions to big screen locations.