Vegetarian and Almost Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

This sweet and sour salad is ‘almost’ vegetarian with little bits of chicken for the person who is quite ready to go ‘cold turkey’ vegetarian.
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

We went back to the Backstage with Murielle, our friend from Rennes. Murielle tried a non-alcoholic cocktail mixed up with various fruit juices. I tried a Mojitto which still seems to be a very popular drink (even though one bartender tells me that Mojittos have been popular now for a LONG time). Just keep in mind, that any mixed drink in Paris will probably cost you around 10 Euros minimum.
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007
That being said, this was a very nice drink, served in a BIG glass.
Mojito at the Backstage Cafe
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007
Also, during this second visit to the Backstage on Rue de la Gaite (Metro: Gaite or Edgar Quinet), I tried an unusual appetizer. Fresh pears with goat cheese and a caramelized sauce.
If you’ve been eating at many typical Paris brasseries, you’ll agree with me that this is not the typical starter. At the end of the dinner, as we waited fro Murielle’s train to come in, I asked her ‘honestly’ what she thought of the meal – and she said, ‘honestly – it was good – but it seemed a little expensive!’




This might have been a way of saying on a quality/price ratio, it was expensive. You’ll have to judge for yourself. I think we will undoubtedly go back again – we still haven’t tried the temptation cocktail yet – but for the next few days, it’s going to be apple cider and Badoit!

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