Train Schedules to Rugby Games in France

Gare de Lyon
Metro: Gare de Lyon

You can check the Rugby World Cup Calendar to see which French cities will be holding events.

If you’re taking the Eurostar in from London, you’re train will come into the Gare du Nord train station. You can reach either Gare de Lyon or Gare Montparnasse by the Metro system which connects all of these train stations. This is the easiest way to make your connections – if you’re traveling light! Remember at French train stations, you need to ‘composter’ that means to stamp your tickets at the little machines you’ll find at the entrance to the train platforms. Watch the other people stamp their tickets as they head out toward the platform – you’ll get the idea.

Don’t forget Murphy’s law. The later you are, the more likely your reserved seat will be in the wagon at the very end of the platform. Sometimes these train cars seem to go on forever. Be prepared for a hike. Some of the train stations are more likely to have gypsies cruising for a likely target. I’ve seen them more often at Gare St. Lazare. Fewer at Montparnasse. You’ll recognize the gypsies – they are normally kids in long skirts . . . but don’t assume because a person is well-dressed/ he or she is not a pickpocket. Exiting trains, when you’re in a crowd on platform is a high risk area – also waiting in lines at snack bars in the train station. Be alert!




If you’re planning on catching a train to some of the Rugby World Cup events outside of Paris, you’ll want to find a hotel close to either the Montparnasse or the Gare de Lyon train stations depend on which events you’re attending.

Montparnasse trains take you to south to Bordeaux or west to Nantes in Brittany.

Gare de Lyon will take you southwest to Lyon, Montpelier, St. Etienne, Marseille,

Plan on Booking Your
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fro France before you go!

For more info on French train service, contact the SNCF French train service: (Click British flag for English translation!)