Strike: No newspapers today

The ‘Blues’ or France’s Right wingers have had a resounding triumph in the first round of legislative elections. But needless, to say, not everyone is dancing in the streets. To begin with, a number of French voters chose to abstain from voting in this first round. (Just over 39 Percent).
Meanwhile, the first strikes have already begun today with the distributors of newspapers leading the way. That meant no International Herald Tribune. So I consoled myself by reading yesterday’s election results.

Defense minister Herve Morin was reelected as Deputy-Epaigne, (Eure) in the first round (50.2) percent of the vote – which means he won’t have to worry about this weekend’s second vote for those deputys who did not receive a majority vote.




He noted in an interview with the local paper l’Eveil (Pays d’Auge) that there had been some confusion about the votes – that he probably had lost at least 100 to 150 votes to another candidate – who happens to share the same last name even though there’s no family connection – Corinne Morin. It’s ironic to think that one could lose a vote over one’s name.

Will there be more strikes in the months to come? Don’t be surprised if there are more strikes. Stock up on your news, donc, at We are never on strike.