Strike at the Paris Airport

A potential strike of baggage workers at CDG Roissey is in the works for possibly as early as this Friday. The reason for this strike is due to the call for 78 airport workers to turn in their security clearance badges. Once, again, November is living up to its name as the month of strikes. Meanwhile, the salaried workers in France are working harder than ever. Like their counterparts in the US, lawyers typically put in long hours – ten hour days are not unusual. None of this includes waking up before dawn to take flights to different towns in France to plead cases. It’s amazing how many times we hear the expression that ‘the French just don’t want to work’. The people who say that most often tend to be the French who overworked and overstressed. When all these overworked and overstressed working people who have the so-called luxury of being on salary decide they’ve taken enough crap, it will be very interesting to see what happens next. I hope whoever is ‘lucky’ enough to take the next round as president of this hard working country will be able to ease the burden of those who have yet to see the fruit of their labor.