Paris Weather Report

In case you hadn’t heard, Paris experienced its mildest September on record since 1975. October has proved to be similar. I haven’t heard any statistics, but here on this second to last day of October, the sun is shining and people are wearing light sweaters and jackets. Because of the Paris weather, I am more convinced than ever that the time to visit Paris is in autumn, not springtime. Other tourists must agree because there appear to be plenty of Americans in town. We talked to a couple this past Saturday who were staying at the Meridien Hotel (Rue Commandant Mouchotte) – this is one of the 14th’s luxury hotel. (Back in the 70s it used to be a Marriott or a Sheraton (someone can correct me on that if you know). We watched the presidential elections there in 1976 when Jimmy Carter became president. Does that seem like several eternities?
This Californian couple had just finished a riverboat cruise on the Rhone River which they enjoyed. I asked them how they had chosen to eat at the Pizza Roma on Avenue du Maine across from the Montparnasse train station. They said their guide had told them that there were a lot of restaurants across the street from the Meridien. This is the one they chose. We noticed that a number of tourist like this restaurant – the staff speaks English – the food is not expensive and the service is speedy.
The couple also told us that they were very happy with accommodations at the Meridien.
How about the desk staff? Are they helpful?
We don’t know. We never talk to them. Our guide handles everything.