Paris Travel TV Programs to Watch When You Want


People who really love to travel are always looking for an escape between vacations. One great way to keep dreaming about that next trip to Paris is by watching travel TV shows about Paris, but if you happen to miss a program when it airs, you now have another option. With the GlobeTrekkerChannel you can watch your favorite travel programs – like Globe Trekker and Planet Food – whenever you want.




This easy system lets you download just the programs you want to watch to your computer so you can watch them on your own schedule. There’s more than 350 hours of programming to choose from, and plenty of programs about France to whet your appetite for your next trip. For instance, there are shows about the Ultimate France trip, Corsica and Northern France, “adventure golf” in Northern France, cooking in Burgundy and several programs on other destinations which are actually in French so you can practice your language skills a bit.

All you need to do to get started is register on the GlobeTrekkerChannel site, so you’ll always know about new videos coming out, and then buy credits to download the videos of your choosing. Once you’ve downloaded a program, you have a full seven days to watch it. To find out more and watch a free demo video, visit GlobeTrekkerChannel and register today!