Paris Rugby World Cup Survival Kit

“Oui, je parle Rugby” is the name of the campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The idea is to encourage visitors coming to France to practice their French language speaking skills by talking rugby.

This ‘survival kit’ which I found posted on the France Diplomatie site will include 250 rugby terms in French, English and Spanish (why not Tongan and Maori apres tout?).




I didn’t find the translation for such useful expressions, as “Sebastien, would you mind getting your hand, your hair, your forehead, etc, off my face?” which would have been useful you’ll note in this video: Sea Bass in NZ

According to the Oui, je parle Rugby campaign, this indepensable survival kit guide should be available – any day now – in the meantime you can try downloading the rugby glossary or the Oui, Je Parle Rugby lesson plan.