Paris Marathon, Ladies, on your Mark!

This weekend, April 15th Paris will be hosting its 31st International Paris Marathon. Can you imagine a better place to begin a marathon than running the Champs Elysees? And what better way to take a grand tour of the town and participate in a world class marathon at the same time?

If I ever do a marathon, this would not be a bad place to try it – if you run out of steam, there’s plenty of cafes to stop in at along the way . . .

Checking out the Paris Marathon website, with the ‘new route map’ I could zero in on the streets and at the same time practically peer into my own apartment building. These new satellite maps are so well defined – perhaps too well defined for public use!




I was surprised to see’s statistics for recent marathons. In particular, it was quite amazing that only 16.09 percent of the runners who participated in last year’s race were female. Why is this? 95 different countries are represented at the Paris marathon.

It occurred to me that any female runners participating in this marathon might like these odds when it comes to the carbo-loading parties. If you are asking ‘why’ – this is not about carbs.

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