The Indiscreet Embourgeoisiement of Paris

Kids in the Marais
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©1976 All rights reserved.

This week in Le Figaro (March 8), Guillemette de Sairigne highlighted some of the statistics from Michel Pincon and Monique Pincon-Charlot’s “Sociologie de Paris”. Here are some of the statistics that may give you a clearer picture of life in the City of Light:

“There are 20,000 homeless people called SDF, meaning, “Without fixed domicile.”

In one out of eight Parisian domiciles, residents live below the poverty line, right alongside the very rich, the wannabe rich, the ‘bobos’ meaning the ‘bohemian bourgeoisie’ and the luxury offices.




One third of Parisian residents were born in Paris. Three percent of the total French population live in in Paris, but of the 3 Million foreigners living in France, 10 percent live in Paris.

In Paris, there are 202 inhabitants per hectare, whereas London has 76 inhabitants per hectare.

The number of blue collar workers and service personnel residents has fallen from 65 percent to 35 percent whereas the number of white collar worker or professional residents has grown in the same proportions.

I haven’t had a chance to look at “Sociologie de Paris”, but Guillemette de Sairigne’s reporting in the Figaro signals a growing concern that the character of Paris iwll continue to change as the city loses more and more of its working class residents. Will Paris remain a living, breathing city or is she destined to become a designer’s showroom?