Re-reading “The Road from the Past”: Traveling through History in France by Ina Caro

What really attracted me to this book in the first place was its historic approach to visiting France. Even if you’re not a history buff, a trip to France tends to stir up questions, even if it’s your sheer frustration at trying to get all the kings in chronological order.

I’m re-reading Ina Caro’s chapter on Paris: Paris: The Summer of 1991
This excerpt really hit home:




“And after dinner each evening we walked home past Notre-Dame, each time, it seemed, noticing a beautiful detail of the cathedral we had somehow overlooked before. The experience of slowly coming to know something exquisitely beautiful, whether a cathedral or another person’s soul, is a gift that must be God-given, …”

Ina Caro does a great job of piquing my interest not just in the history of various regions of France, but wanting to physically go there and explore for myself. In the case of Paris, she really hits on the necessity to spend enough time there to absorb the many layers of history.