French Women Don’t Get Fat: Putting it into Practice

In “French Women Don’t Get Fat” author Mireille Guiliano writes that her “Dr. Miracle’s Magical Leek Soup” is such an adventure for most palates that you will have a hard time seeing it as a prison ration. To all those women (and men) on either side of the Atlantic who are currently boiling up a batch of leeks, may I extend my deepest condolences!

I have just bought and cleaned two pounds of leeks and simmered them for the prescribed thirty minutes. My partner has opened up all the windows but I think at this point the entire apartment building is permeated with the fumes of boiling leeks. The first sip of this concoction of boiled water did not conjure up any sense of adventure. More like desperation. To anyone else in a kitchen anywhere in the world, be it Paris, France or Paris, Texas, DO NOT feel guilty if you find yourself running for the Swanson canned beef broth, the leftover pork dumpling soup from your local Chinese restaurant, the soy sauce, salt, etc. that you’ve dug out from your cupboard to doctor this magical soup. After these slight ‘adjustments’, my partner and I began the first evening of our 48 hours ‘leek soup’ cure. A nice glass of wine added to soften the shock of it all.