Bored and Beautiful in Paris

What does Chinese Astrology have to do with Paris? According to Suzanne White, it changed her life – as she was living it in Paris.

Suzanne White explains how she stumbled onto the age-old art.
“I couldn’t see what was so great about being young and pretty and living in Paris. I couldn’t even conceive of gettng up in the morning. Eiffel Tower or no Eiffel Tower to cheer me up, I couldn’t see beyond the end of my reddened nose.”
Suzanne was a model in Paris – until she met a Vietnamese sage who told her “You must stop the modeling job. It is not difficult enough for you.”
And lucky for us, we now have Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple which was reprinted in 1998, Tuttle Publishing. Suzanne writes: “Astrology is yet another way of finding out who we are and how we can be happier”
Foreigners, particularly Americans living in Paris, overwhelmed with the beauty of the city might wonder why they aren’t happy. They’re in ‘the most beautiful, the most romantic,etc. …city’ and they’re miserable.
It is also the city that forces you to look in the mirror. Which sometimes leads to great transformations.