Paris Cafe Drinks: What to Order

You aren’t officially Parigot until you can sit in a cafe and sip your expresso for an hour.

Here are some summertime options:
Un citron presse. (Fresh squeezed lemon juice) It comes with several packets of sugar. You make your own lemonade on the spot.

Menthe a l’eau – Mint syrup and water (or for kids menthe au lait). This is one of the most refreshing choices for hot days.




Limonade- a carbonated lemonade.

Un kir – white wine mixed with a drop of creme de cassis liqueur (black currant liqueur).

Une biere. 50 CL if you’re really thirsty.
Un galopin (that’s the smallest measure of beer you can order)
Une blonde. A light beer.
Une Leffe. Monk’s beer.
Une ’16’ (Seize). A 1668.
Une panache. A beer mixed with lemonade.