November tensions in Paris

This past Wednesday, Bus 258 departing from la Defense, stopping at Clemenceau in Nanterre, in the Paris suburbs was torched. Passengers exited the bus – just in time. This isn’t really news at this point. Certainly most of the major TV stations have reported the events i.e. CNN and BBC along with the French stations. I was more interested in the statistics that the Figaro posted directly next to these events.

Here’s some of the loot that the police have confiscated in the past year as a result of the ‘disturbances’: 722 kg of weed, 6872 Ecstasy capsules, 1.5 kg of cocaine, 14.3 kg of heroin, 1.3 million Euro (numeraires), 995,000 Euros in real estate (immobilier), 3.6 million Euros in blocked bank accounts. Do you get the impression that what we’re talking about here is a drug war, rather than the rhetoric of discrimination?




Is that Le Figaro’s message? Or is that the reality of the situation? Just wondering.