Montparnasse Walking Tour – November 1st

All our intentions to go for a Hallowed Eve walk along the Seine faded by about 7 pm last night. It’s been a long week – but waking up to a brilliant blue sky on this first day of November, we couldn’t resist catching up with Paris Walks guide, Iris, for her tour of the Montparnasse neighborhood. iris.JPG I’d spoken to Paris Walks tour Peter Caine several months ago and vowed to try out one of these walks which is mentioned in any number of guide books.
If you’re wondering why we chose to tour Montparnasse – where we live – it was as much out of curiosity about how much new information we might learn as well as – dare I say it – lethargy – an afternoon tour starting at Metro stop Vavin sounded just too easy to pass up. The 10 Euros per person is extremely reasonable when you consider the calibre of the guide and the amount of information squeezed into the two hour walk.
What I liked best about Iris’s presentation was her enthusiasm. Not only that for a soft-spoken person – as soon she goes into her guide mode, she’s onstage and her voice projects. Her elocution is excellent and she never sounds like she’s memorized a single sentence.
Of course most of the names of the Montparnasse denizens are familiar to us: Kiki and Man Ray, Hemingway, Sartre and Beauvoir, Modigliani and Picasso, but I’m not going to give away all the surprises included in this walk – you’ll have to take the walk yourselves to enjoy the experience for yourselves.
I’m certain that if you take one of these walks, you’ll probably want to go on another tour – like we plan to – as soon as we get another free day.
Today is All Saint’s Day, the traditional day to put flowers on the grave of loved ones. Montparnasse cemetery was jammed. LIkewise, the Jardin du Luxembourg was filled with kids enjoying their last few free days before heading back to school.
There is one detail from the Paris Walk that I HAVE to share – the merry-go-round in the children’s playground was designed by Garnier. After a night at the opera, we keep coming back to Garnier. The merry-go-round has all of its original menagerie.




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