Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris: Montparnasse

Eggplant, seared leeks, and goat cheese roll-ups
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007
Rather than trek over to the Marais, we could have walked right around the corner to the Backstage Cafe at 31 Rue de la Gaite, Metro: Gaite. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we tried out the Potager du Marais on Rue Rambuteau. And as good as it was, the Backstage Cafe was quite as good in a totally different way.

Although the Backstage Cafe is not a vegetarian restaurant, there are veggie plates – very well presented by Parisian born chef – Nicolas (we said ‘hi’) just before leaving.
Meli-Melo Vegetables
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007
We tried an roasted eggplant goat cheese roll ups, decorated with seared leaks and a medley of tomato, carrots, and mushrooms in a vinaigrette sauce. (This time I didn’t have my camera on hand – but I will definitely bring it for tomorrow night’s meal.) The prices are reasonable – and on top of veggie dishes – there are some amazing looking cocktails (which I plan on trying tomorrow night) You can get a cocktail for two called ‘Temptation’. It looks more like a lava lamp than a drink but two people can manage just about anything.




The seating is comfortable and there’s ample separation between tables – when the weather’s good – you feel like you’re sitting outdoors – even when you’re indoors. That counts in Paris. Save ‘cosy’ for fall and winter meals!

Another good thing about the Backstage, you can drop in for dinner as early as 7 pm if you’re trying to catch a train over at Montparnasse station – which is what one of our friends will be doing tomorrow night – to get back to Rennes in Brittany.

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