Le Bourget – Paris Air Show

Every two years the Paris Air Show, one of the largest international air shows, brings professionals and visitors to the Bourget air fields (located to the north of Paris before you get to Charles de Gaulle airport).

This year’s show starts June 18th and ends June 24 (the 22 through 24th are open to the public). Here’s where you can see not only the state of the art in aeronautic design but also in a variety of military equipment, tanks, etc.




If you like anything military – this is the place for you. You can crawl around in the latest tanks and visit over 200 stands relating to aeronautics and subjects as varied as supplying water in combat situations.

A line from a James Bond movie comes to mind after our last visit to the Air Show – “Ah, boys and their toys!” Even if you don’t get to the air show this year, you can still visit the Bourget Aeronautics Museum which features two Concordes. Bourget was the airport where Lindbergh landed after his transatlantic flight.