Inaugurations, Reopenings, and Price Hikes

This past week has been a week for inaugurations, reopenings and just around the corner – Metro ticket rates increase.

The biggest news was the reopening of Chateau de Versailles Hall of Mirrors this past Monday. It took six years to build the Hall of Mirrors back in the 1600s and it took three years to restore it to its past grandeur. I wonder if the restoration has included removing the graffitti etched into some of the mirrors. (At one point, there was some discussion as to whether graffitti should be kept because it could be considered by some to be a ‘historic’ marker).




Thanks RG for letting me know that the Montmartre funicular is up and running again. For those of us who are not keen on the idea of bounding up the healthy rows of steps that lead to Sacre Coeur, it’s nice to know you have the funicular as an option. You can use your Metro tickets for this short ride up to Place du Tertre and Sacre Coeur.

Did you buy your carnet of Metro tickets before the rates go up on July 1st? The new Metro ticket will be white instead of mauve, but your old mauve tickets will still work. The T+white ticket will set you back 1.50 Euros or 11.10 Euros for a ‘carnet’ i.e. a pack of ten tickets. The new T+ ticket can be used for bus transfers and bus to tramline transfers.