Happy ‘President’s Day’

Yesterday, President’s Day slipped by. Or more appropriately Happy Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday which are February 22 and February 12th respectively.

I don’t like President’s Day very much because although it’s STILL supposed to be officially, according to Federal guidelines, the celebration of George’s birthday, (that is George Washington,not to be confused with any other Georges), it’s nowadays just another excuse for a ‘sale’.

President’s Day is just another way of saying that the individual is less important than the office – we all know differently. It is an individual and his perseverance, honesty, courage, wisdom, and may I say it once again, HONESTY ,that bring dignity to the office. Not the other way around. So let’s honor the individual who succeeds in doing so. No individual can be perfect. Washington certainly was far from perfect. But he knew when it was time to go back to the farm. Voltaire had it right – il faut cultiver votre jardin. Do your work properly, then go home and tend the garden. Let the next generation continue – and who will be chosen to do so for France? That is the question.

Meanwhile, the battle between Sarko and Sego for votes is raging. Segolene Royal pulled down terrific viewer ratings on TF1 one of France’s three major television channels – the best ratings for viewing of a politically based show in 15 years, according to Le Figaro. (Segolene Royal- between Compassion Promises)




Just days earlier, it was said that Sarkozy had been leading in poll ratings.
I spoke to a friend, Jean Pierre, who likes to talk politics. His view on the general attitude in France regarding the elections:
People are uneasy. And undecided. They want to know first and foremost, where is all the money going to come from? Once again, will they be asked to cough up more Euros for the State’s voracious appetite?
Segolene Royal made plenty of promises during her question and answer period – addressing the needs of the young, unemployed, the physically impaired, etc.

I always think it’s interesting to check out a politician’s past history (and her family’s history)- and I’m not talking about the bland drivel dished out by campaign headquarters. Just check out Wikipedia for any political candidate’s biography write up and you might be surprised, pleasantly surprised or dismayed at the details that pop up.

ie. Would you be surprised to know that one of Segolene Royal’s brothers was involved in the bombing of the Greenpeace ship off the coast of New Zealand? I was, but there it is in Wikipedia.

Would you be surprised to know that Hillary Clinton used to be a Republican and campaigned for Barry Goldwater when she was 16? I was.

Hope France chooses the right candidate that will keep France the wonderful, independent thinking country that it is, and Paris, the magnet for the luminaries of the world.