Global Market for Sellers Not Buyers

Whether it’s computer keyboards, cellular phones, DVD disks or electrical outlets, this isn’t a one world market for travelers.
After having waded through SECAM, NTSC, PAL, varying bandwiths for cellular phones and a catch-all of electrical outlets for different countries and electrical voltage, I’ve decided that manufacturers have not learned the one world lesson. If anyone out there knows of a product that works anywhere in the world, let me know. Especially cell phones for starters. After that it would be nice to find one worldwide internet provide so that I will never again have to set up a new internet server.

Thanks Mark (You know who you are) for responding so quickly to the cellular phone dilemma. You sent the August issue of which did a detailed rundown on cell phones. Thanks again for helping me through the quagmire of bandwiths. Some day it will all be reduced to On/OFF!