Big Fashion in Paris

As I recently mentioned re: “French Women Don’t Get Fat”, French women DO get fat, but they don’t usually stay fat. And some are just ’round’. Today in Le Figaro in the Fashion and Beauty section, there was an article about fashion for Size 42 and up (that’s a French 42, not American!).

Here’s a quote from Anne who has a site for ’round women’: (Long live roundies!). She says, “The majority of ’round people’ wear what fits, not what they like.”




Last fall, I went to a fashion show in Bernay, Normandy which included styles for ’round women’. The reason I’m highlighting this trend is to emphasize the fact that French and American women (and men) deal with similar issues when it comes to maintaining healthy bodies, so there’s no need to feel some of the complexes that glossy magazines and FASHION SHOWS promote.

Skinny is uncommon in societies where food is plentiful.