Paris Fashion Statement: Sequins

It used to be that you’d never see a sequin in sight. Now you see them at the strangest times – on ballerina slippers and handbags that benefit in no way from the sequin afterthought. When I see sequins, it makes me think of Michael Caine – who wrote in his autobiography that he found the idea of women wearing sequins to be downright tacky.

I never would have agreed with Michael Caine if we were talking about New York, LA or Miami, but in Paris – sequins seem – well, yes, downright tacky.




Speaking of ‘fashion’, The Devil Wears Prada is playing at Montparnasse and not surprisingly, the crowd of moviegoers appears to be twenty-something females. Perhaps the best scene in this movie was Meryl Streep with no make-up. That was the ultimate fashion statement or the ultimate embedded ‘reality moment’.

The key quote from this move “We decide what you’re going to wear!” sums up the enslavement of ‘fashion’. How does it feel knowing how every facet of your life is manipulated one way or another?
Fashion – don’t you just love it?