Embassies and Consulates in Paris

Because Paris is the capital of France, you’ll find an embassy for every country in the world somewhere in Paris. Trouble is, this is a big city we’re talking about – and usually embassies and consulates in Paris aren’t exactly easy to find. They’re not advertising their whereabouts with big neon signs, and they’re also often found in non-touristy neighborhoods.

So, while the hope is that you don’t need the services of your embassy during your Paris vacation, if something happens that requires an embassy trip then you can consult the whereabouts and contact information of the Paris embassies and consulates from the links below.

U.S. Embassy in Paris

Australia Embassy in Paris




British Embassy in Paris

Canada Embassy in Paris

Ireland Embassy in Paris

New Zealand Embassy in Paris

South Africa Embassy in Paris

Check back soon as I compile more lists! And if there’s a country you want me to include, please let me know!