Eiffel Tower Trivia

Who was the architect for the Eiffel Tower? If you answered, Gustave Eiffel, try again. Gustave Eiffel was the contractor, but not the architect. The best site to find most of the answers to your FAQs regarding this world-famous monument is SETE’s official site. Although the majority of the proceeds from the monument go back to the City of Paris, the SETE real estate company gets a little slice of this gateau.

In case you’re wondering, Stephen Sauvestre was the architect of the Eiffel Tower. He was responsible for the arches you see at the base of the tower. Many of his other embellishments were not used, but the arches remain an element that many would agree give the the tower an element of grace.

It cost 7,800,000 gold francs to build the Eiffel Tower, but I wonder how much of this Monsieur Eiffel was able to put in his bank account after all the raw materials had been purchased.




According to Seven Wonders site, by the end of its first year 1889, visits to the new tower had paid for 75% of its construction costs. According to annual statistics, in 2005, for an example, the City netted 5.8 Million Euros and SETE’s 300,000 Euros is better than stepping on a rusty nail.

Sounds like the City of Paris had certainly bought itself the proverbial golden hen. Maybe they should have kept the 2000 ferris wheel as well.

Paris City Planners for the new millenium! Think of monuments that allow visitors to climb up and around.

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