Eiffel Tower encounters

What are the odds of meeting someone from your hometown on the Eiffel Tower? I’m not a mathematician, but I do know that this can happen because it was the topic of discussion at a recent high school reunion.

In this case it was an East Rochester High school graduate who ran into a graduate from Fairport High school. East Rochester and Fairport are two towns in upstate New York. Their combined populations would be less than 50,000. Okay mathematical geniuses, what are the odds?

Meanwhile, the conversation at our recent reunion meandered to such topics about what your hometown has to offer in comparison to Paris. How does your hometown measure up?




For the benefit of any ER alumni who may be online today, I am starting a list of Paris and ER’s top ten for the simple sake of comparison. Anyone is welcome to contribute their hometown stats for comparison with the City of Lights.

Paris Top Ten Plus
The Seine River
The Louvre
The Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
The Gardens
Notre Dame
The Opera House
Champs Elysees
Railroad Stations
(including Musee d’Orsay!)
Hanging out in Cafes
(okay, so it’s more than ten. Who can stop at ten? If I had to leave any of these out, it would be the Champs Elysees – but you have to go at least once – or you haven’t been to Paris).

East Rochester Top Ten
Fireman’s Day Parade
Italian sausage.
The Bandstand at Christmas time.
The Apple Orchard (yeah, it doesn’t exist anymore, but those of you who remember it know exactly what I’m saying).
Hyatt’s Classic Video
Prince George’s (affectionately known as PG’s)
Village Fair
The ER Post Office and its gracious postmaster.