Circles, Circles, Everywhere

Wherever you go in Paris, you will see circles – circles in architecture, circular intersections called ‘ronds points’. Even its twenty arrondissements or districts evolve in a swirl from the central islands (Ile St. Louis and Cite).

Do you recognize the building in this photo? Probably not – Paris has some amazing churches that few visitors ever see. Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant was inaugurated in 1997 and named by Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger. It’s located in the 15th Arrondissement at 81, rue d’Alleray. Its shape, a huge square box, represents the Holy City of the Apocalypse.




Paris is a great place to get lost. If you keep walking, eventually you’ll end up where you started. If you keep driving around the peripherique, Paris’s beltway, you’ll also end up where you began.