Apple Centers in Paris

How embarrassing – trekking all the way across town (to the 9th arrondissement) to find an adapter for a Mac laptop when right here in the 14th arrondissement, at 35, avenue du General LeClerc, there’s an Apple distributor called ICLG Informatique. I stopped in on my way back from the ‘syndic’ or the apartment management company’s offices. The two people in the showroom were busy so we didn’t have a chance to chat, but they do have a showroom with several Mac models. I picked up one of the ICLG Informatique brochures while I was there. (This store used to be called Magic Mac according to my 2005 France Telecom Yellow Pages). According to their catalogue, they have branches at Etoile at 15, Avenue de la Grande Armee and in the 11th arrondissement at 107, avenue Parmentier. Never believe what you read in the Pages Jaunes! Information from 2005 is already out of date here. Sometimes I think Paris changes faster than New York. Is that possible? One thing is certain – businesses are definitely in flux. We’ve seen the restaurant on the corner of Rue Van Damme change hands at least three times since we’ve lived here. I do intend to check out the other Apple dealerships to see what they have to offer. I chose to order mine over the phone (with the QWERTY keyboard) thanks to the advice of Mark (who bought his Dell computer over the phone). It arrived quickly – the only problem being some software that arrived in the French version rather than English. The order was placed to a phone number in Scotland. The person on the other end of the line was a French person speaking English. The QWERTY keyboard had to be delivered from China. It’s a small world.