American Television in France

When good television shows come to their final season, do they die and go to Paris? It used to be several years before American television found its way to French screens, but the lag time is shortening. What will Parisian lawyers think of Boston Legal’s portrayal of American lawyers? Desperate Housewives has already made inroads.

Will James Spader find his rightful place – not far from the Mona Lisa? How will David Kelly’s script translate for a French audience?

I’m particularly curious to know if these scripts will be translated – especially the two most recent episodes: a doctor is sued for helping a patient die in a New Orleans hospital during the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane. Denny Crane is put on a ‘no fly’ list by homeland security – How will French viewers react to these issues not to mention the insanity in this crazy portrayal of a Boston legal firm.




Trivia for the day: Did you know that in France and England people pay a television tax? Since we don’t have a television in France, I wait to get back to the States to catch up on the shows.

Meanwhile – do James Spader and Mona have anything in common?mona_lisa.JPG