Also in Friday’s Figaro: Segolene Royal

Segolene Royal gets flak from a specialist. Yesterday’s Figaro reports that Segolene Royal has made statements about pesticides being the origin of breast cancer and OGMs having an impact on the foetus. To which a ‘specialist’ replies, Luc Multignier, an epidemiologist, specializing in these sorts of questions at the National Health Institute.

Several years ago I read a book called “Who Will Tell the People”. The author pointed out that in the years to come, anyone might dare to make any statement should be expected to be repudiated by an army of specialists.

In this case, the specialist states that many studies have been done in different countries over the past fifteen years and that the possible links – between breast cancer and pesticides – including the well known DDT for example on a high risk population (farmers for example) shows that to the contrary (of what Segolene stated) the risks should be slight.




Ummmm…….. does that mean that I DON’t have to wash my fruit anymore?

Thanks Mr. Specialist. By the way, do you wash your fruit?
Oh. Right. Manure doesn’t count as pesticide. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea anyhow to wash the fruit – just in case.