A Night at the Museum – for Free

Mark this day on your calendar: Saturday, May 19th (2007). If you’re going to be in Paris, you’re most difficult choice may be – which museum would you prefer to visit at night? This is the second year that the French Ministry of Culture has worked in tandem with other countries to sponsor an international Museum Night once a year. Over 2000 museums will participate throughout Europe – too bad you can’t magically transport yourself from one capital to another, but the museum night is not just limited to big cities.
If you happen to be in Normandy for example you can visit the D-Day landing museums for free on this night. Last year, music and fireworks were part of the night festivities in Arromanches.
Don’t get too confused by the nuitdesmusees website (like I did) which still has the dates listed as May 20th (a leftover, apparently from last year’s 2006 site) Hopefully, the new information will be posted SOON for us folks that don’t catch on too quickly. At least the current site will give you some idea as to the vast number of museums that are participating – on both sides of the Atlantic.

Wherever you choose to spend the night of May 19th this year, the pleasure of visiting a museum after dark is an added dimension. (I’m hoping that le chateau Vaux le Vicomte will be part of the festivities this year!).
In any case, it will be tough deciding on one museum out of so many.