Paris transportation

Paris is a big city, and it’s one of those destinations that is blessed with more than one airport. Certainly, there’s a dominant airport in Paris, but there are two others that may be your entry point to the country. And no matter which Paris airport greets you upon arrival, […]

Getting from the Paris Airports into Paris (and vice versa)

If you’ve poked around on this site enough, you’ve no doubt seen that we strongly advise most people not to drive in Paris. You’ll certainly see lots of cars zigging and zagging their way around the city, but those are locals who know their way around and know the local […]

Parking in Paris

You may feel a sense of relief when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). You might think that you’ve arrived in Paris now, and you can start your vacation. But as soon as you realize what a huge airport CDG is, you’ll remember that your holiday doesn’t really […]

Getting to Paris from Charles de Gaulle Airport (or vice ...

Most big tourist destinations that have more than a couple attractions offer some kind of discount card tourists can buy – and Paris is no exception. And with Paris, some of the discount cards include transportation – making getting from one attraction to the other is easier, too. Here are […]

Paris Discount Cards: Passes & Benefits