Paris Restaurants

Choosing the Daily Special at the Restaurant French restaurants, by law, are required to serve a reasonably-priced luncheon ‘menu’. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll notice that so many cafes, brasseries tend to have relatively similar prices when it comes to the daily menu. Currently, a typical luncheon ‘menu […]

Choose the Daily Special at Restaurants: Paris Travel Tip #26

Parisgirl’s dining preferences have changed along with the current exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar. Now, more than ever, I know how eager visitors are to find restaurants, cafes, pubs or delis where you can dine well and still have enough Euros left over for the rest of […]

Cheap Places to Eat in Paris – Parislogue’s 10 Favorite

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2008 It may be the Year of the Rat, but in Paris’s 13th arrondissement, dragons were in abundance. The New Year began Thursday (Feb 7,’08), but Saturday afternoon, many of the businesses along Avenue de Choisy (Metro: Porte de Choisy) received visits from dragons of […]

Bringing in the Chinese New Year in Paris’s 13th arrondissement