Paris in the Seventies

So you’ve decided to take French lessons. Maybe you just like the sound of the language or maybe you’ve visited France in the past and been frustrated by not being able to understand what’s being said. Maybe you just want to be able to pronounce ‘bouillabaisse’ when you see it […]

New Year’s Resolution: Learning to Speak French

Each year a new flock of foreign students arrive on French soil hoping to unlock the ‘Da Vinci Code’ for speaking French like a Frenchman or French woman. Few of us succeed – but do we ever give up? Never give up! Here is the Class of ’76-’77. Full of […]

French Lessons at the Sorbonne

Cite Fleurie Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007 Armand LaCroix in his atelier at Cite Fleurie, 1977 Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007 I’d like to say I did it for art. Or quite simply, to become part of Montparnasse history.The truth is, for students in Paris,finding a summer job […]

Confessions of a Montparnasse Model: Or How I Spent ...

Photo by Chris Card Fuller, “Monet’s Garden – a garden for all seasons” Here is another excerpt from Paris Journals in the Seventies. As I mentioned in an earlier post, these appear only upon Paris Logue readers’ requests. No requests and the journal goes back to Christina’s Crypt (where perhaps […]

My Secret Garden in Paris: Journals from the Seventies

© 2007 Chris Card Fuller All rights reserved. What if there were only 750 Homosapiens on the planet aka animals like you and me that like to hang out on the Champs Elysees? Back in the 70s, this already dead movie star “King Kong” made a comeback on the Champs […]

Dead Gorilla on the Champs Elysees