French Lessons

So you’ve decided to take French lessons. Maybe you just like the sound of the language or maybe you’ve visited France in the past and been frustrated by not being able to understand what’s being said. Maybe you just want to be able to pronounce ‘bouillabaisse’ when you see it […]

New Year’s Resolution: Learning to Speak French

So if you’re looking for more in depth French lessons, I’d recommend taking a look at Jet Society. It’s always fun seeing what French sites have to say about the Paris – and one thing I’ve noticed about a number of French sites is the combination of music and food. […]

Surfing French sites

Here are two short French mini lessons you might enjoy: Lesson Number 1 See the movie The History Boys. It’s only one scene that’s conducted in French without subtitles, and definitely a hoot. If you understand this complete scene – your French is pretty good. This is a good chance […]

Mini-French Lesson