Electric cars

Thirty years ago, Paris used to have tons of small cars. For the past twenty years we’ve been renting or leasing cars, and each year the Peugeot models have added more length and breadth. Still the Peugeot 206 that we drive is easy to park in tight spaces. Yet, the […]

Smallest Cars in Paris

You’ll remember in a past post I raved about La Blue Car prototype: Designed by a Frenchmen, built in partnership with the company Bolloré? Its projected date for commercial production was January 2009. Don’t bother looking for it. If you caught a glimpse of La Blue Car at the Geneva […]

La Blue Car – France’s Hope for an Electric Car: ...

www.musee-chateau-compiegne.fr May 1st, 1899. A driver called the Red Devil (because of his red hair) reached the speed of 105.99 km per hour in Camille Jenatzy’s electric Jeauteuad at Acheres, just outside of Paris. This unusually shaped car resembled a rocket. Its design may have been inspired by Jules Verne.

Electric Car Power in Paris: 1899