Cheap Flights to Paris

Anytime you’re planning a trip to Paris – unless you’re traveling on someone else’s trust fund or you just really like the idea of going deep into debt – you’ll want to pay close attention to your travel budget. Paris is an expensive city to visit, so if you can […]

Save Money on Budget Airlines that Fly to Paris

While summer fares to Europe have been astonishingly good this year (in fact, fares to Paris are down on average 20%-33% from last year), if you are looking to get over to France for even less, this fall may be the ideal time to go. Not only will you save […]

Fare sales making for shockingly low fares to Europe

Featured in The Da Vinci Code as Le Bourget airport of yesteryear, the Art Deco era Shoreham Airport (Brighton) is SKYSOUTH’S home. As of August 1, 2007 SKYSOUTH has added twice-a-day weekday flights from Brighton (Shoreham-by-the-Sea), England to Paris (Pontoise). Skysouth has a fleet of twin engine PA-31 Piper Chieftains […]

New Cheap Flight Route to Paris