The CDG Express – For 2012?

There are plans on the table now for an express train from CDG to Paris called the CDG Express which will be using the RER B tracks after the RER has been remodeled. By 2008, it is expected that construction of the new express train will begin. What I’m curious to know is how this huge project intends to be better than the current RER B line which connects CDG to Paris?
One thing for sure it sounds like it will be a hugely expensive project. It’s thanks to www.cdgfacile.comthat I learned the name of this new train.
Would you be willing to believe that it will cost passengers more than the $2 it costs to take the MAX Red line in Portland? Not to mention what it will cost to investors and taxpayers. Much more discussion will occur before this project becomes a reality. According to the CDG Expresssite’s planning phases, the definition of an express train is one that travels more than 95 km per hours. Guess Max won’t get a vote for being express under those circumstances and doesn’t even make it into the express train’s hall of fame because it makes some stops along the way.
Still and all, I’d love to see a similar means of transport to the between CDG and Paris. For 2 Euros even, it would be definitely worth the ride.