Packing for Paris in the Spring

packingforparisEspecially for people who have never visited the usually very fashion forward City of Lights, figuring out what to wear in France and getting packing tips for Paris could come in handy–especially for those who would rather avoid having “TOURIST” stamped across their forehead.

You’ll also want to be prepared for various weather conditions. Spring in Paris can be beautifully warm and balmy or downright damp and miserable–and that type of weather can easily extend into June depending upon Mother Nature’s caprices (read more about Paris weather) .




Here’s your packing check list for a spring trip to Paris:

  • Your PASSPORT!
  • A sun hat – for walks through the gardens.
  • Sunglasses. Take your best looking shades.
  • Your Guide Book and a Paris Map
  • Sunscreen
  • Three pairs of shoes (for ladies) One pair for serious walking. One pair for strolling i.e loafers or cute ballet flats. One pair of heels or fancier shoes for clubbing or theaters, restaurants, etc. (or, if you’d rather only bring 2 pairs, bring one pair walking shoes and one pair of flats that can double as evening shoe) For guys, you can probably get away with one pair of good walking shoes and one pair of nicer dress shoes
  • Jeans and a well-cut jacket/blazer.
  • Mini-umbrella–To stick in your purse or bag for those springtime showers
  • Light Raincoat–Again, for the rain.
  • Long scarf–a scarf will not only keep you warm in chilly weather, but it is also an essnetial Parisian accessory that can add to almost any outfit.
  • Socks –for those walking shoes
  • Your sexiest lingerie–This is of course an optional item, but it’s the city of Romance, so you might as well feel sexy while you’re visiting such a sexy city.
  • Bathing suit (you never know when you may be invited to someone’s place in the country – or to the beach in Normandy!)
  • One fancy evening outfit– dress, skirt and blouse for women and dress shirt and jacket (ties aren’t normally necessary, except if you’re attending business meetings or attending official events).
  • Big purse/handbag–to carry your Plan de Paris, your digital camera, your picnic lunch, your umbrella, etc. while still looking fabulous
  • Extra memory cards for your digital camera– Because Paris is full of photo ops
  • Adapter plugs for French sockets!
  • French-English dictionary
  • Notebook and pens– I like to carry this with me so I can write down places/cafes/restaurants I want to remember, addresses for things etc.
  • Extra bar of soap —(some hotels are stingy with soap).
  • Wash cloth andTowel. (Especially if you are staying at Paris hostels or B&Bs) 3-Star Hotels and up normally provide sufficient towels.
  • Sundries such as dental floss, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. can all be easily replenished at the pharmacies, at Monoprix, or other similar chain grocery stores in Paris. Don’t waste precious luggage space on sundries.

Photo by perfecto insecto