Getting Visas in Paris

If you plan on spending some time in Paris – or if you’re studying in Paris and want to travel to countries that require visas, you have several options. Many countries have embassies or consulates in Paris so your visa is just a Metro stop away. However, in certain cases, you may be required to have a ‘carte de sejour’ to apply for a visa. If you’re staying in France on a student program, you will have already done this.

Another option, I have just noted is CIBT visa service, 69, rue de la Glaciere, 13th. (It is mentioned on their website that you need to be a resident in France to use this service). I’m assuming that if you’re a student with a carte de sejour, this would be adequate. Their home offices are in McLean, VA. This may not be the cheapest way to get a visa, but if you’re crunched for time, it may be a useful option.
When you have the time, going directly to the Consulat or embassy is probably the cheapest way to go – i.e. we will probably try this out with the Kazakhstan embassy in Paris. (See previous entry)




Currently, US citizens do not need a visa for France if you are visiting for tourism. Given the rising costs for visas, I’m looking forward to a tourist movement for lower priced visas for tourists. It currently costs Chinese visitors to the USA $100 for a visa application. If you’re visa application is turned down, you do not receive a reimbursement. Is this tourist friendly?