CDG airport – Security measures in place since Nov ’06

In case you’re planning on flying out of CDG Airport, and wondering about the new security measures, you may or may not experience delays. We flew out of CDG Tuesday (Nov 8th) for a NYC bound flight. A group of 70 Americans joined our flight about an hour late because of security delays. The Air France flight waited for them. As for us, we showed up at the airport quite early for a 1:15 flight – and we’re glad we did. Because of an SNCF train strike on the same day of our departure, we thought it would be a good idea to leave Paris early. Rush hour traffic was heavy. The normal 45 minute to 1 hour trip took almost two hours. The actual security check process ran smoothly. There are plenty of plastic baggies – around 500,000. Whoever’s in the plastic baggie business has got to be happy. Our oversized toothpaste tube snuck through (both in CDG and in NYC). Just be sure that all your sundries are in travel size portions and you should have no problems. The security checks are done in a very civil manner. There’s no shouting or barking our orders about taking off coats, shoes etc. Maybe because we arrived so early, we were fortunate enough not to have any hassles.
We were out of CDG before yesterday’s baggage handlers strike, so we don’t know what the repercussions were for yesterday’s travelers.