Rugby Bars in Paris

Marie Linton from Le Parisien takes us to the Le Sous-Bock for a video interview with Sous-Bock’s owner, Frederic Beurq and amateur rugby player Dominique Champ.

The video called ‘Pizza’ discusses some of the French expressions you might encounter while watching the upcoming games with French friends so when they start talking about ‘faire une pizza’, your friends aren’t asking you to go out in the kitchen and start cooking rolling out the pizza dough.

It’s an expression that describes a very wobbly throw – that rather than flying straight and direct looks more like a flying pizza.




Other expressions include ‘faire Jesus’ and ‘la cabane est tombee sur le chien’ Hopefully the cabana fell on the dog of the other team, not your team. If you’re trying to carry on a conversation about the game ‘cocotte’ might be simply the way a player is carrying the ball. But then if you’re having a beer at the bar – well everything concerning French slang can get VERY confusing – so just have another beer and it will eventually be as clear as mud.

There are plenty of welcoming spots in Paris to enjoy the Rugby World Cup. Parislogue has listed a few Paris bars for watching Rugby World Cup in past posts.

If you want more detailed explanations of the video, you may want to pop into the Sous-Bock bar to get the translation direct from Dominique.

49 Rue St. Honore
Paris 75001
Metro: Chatelet