Wine Tasting in the Parking Lot Garage

Can you imagine elegantly suited Parisians gathering for wine-tasting in the garage parking lot?
Yes. If you know about Le Savour Club which is located on the first level of Vinci Parking at 125 Boulevard Montparnasse.

Not all French people are born with a knowledge of wine – which some of us newcomers to France assume. Fortunately, Le Savour Club knows better. They answer many of the questions you might be too afraid to ask. Le Savour Club which has two caves in Paris, one at Montparnasse and one in the 16th (11-13 rue Gros). Becoming a member of Le Savour Club is pretty easy – all you have to do is go in and buy some wine. You’ll receive plenty of wine info in your mailbox as well as a monthly bulletin which has great info such as the benefits of drinking white wine rather than red wine with certain cheeses. If you want to organize a wine-tasting party, Le Savour Club can help you. They actuallly can provide a check list of all the nifty wine vocabulary that they forgot to teach you in your French classes at the Alliance or the Sorbonne.