Retour de Flamme summer show

Here is a reminder that I just received in the mail from Lobster Mark July 7th on your calendar – and don’t miss this show if you’re in town. It’s FREE! You will have the opportunity to see silent films and hear the incredible Serge Bromberg play piano. I’m not sure where Serge’s passion for film ends and his joy for playing piano begins – they are probably inextricable. Attending a Retour de Flamme show is not simply entertainment – it’s a chance to learn a little about film preservation and the urgency. What will happen in this digital era to film and photo preservation. Well, that’s another question you might want to ask Serge.

“We are pleased to inform you about our RETOUR DE FLAMME summer show,
an open-air and free event, on Saturday, July 7th, at 10pm, at la BUTTE MONTMARTRE.
More specifically, the show will take place at the Louise Michel square,
place St Pierre entrance, Anvers Metro station.

At the head of the bill : Stan Laurel, 4 years before he started his duo with Oliver Hardy,
Georges Méliès with Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc), the first version of
La belle et la bête (Beauty and the beast). You also will meet a young woman with a strange tic,
a contorsionist who is going to hurt you…and more other incredible discoveries !




Serge Bromberg will host the event and play the piano.
Special guest Aidje Tafial (Yeux Noirs band) at the drums !

RETOUR DE FLAMME is part of the Paris Cinéma festival which offers an ambitious
line-up of films (600 screenings, 450 films, presented by more than 200 French and foreign guests,
talents and professionals) in 20 different movie theatres or screening
venues in every quarter of Paris,