Napoleon Gets a Four-Roll Salute: 4 Toilet Rolls

According to the ‘Crapper’s Quarterly’, Napoleon’s tomb rates a 4- toilet roll rating for cleanliness, handicap (or handicrap as they call it) friendly facilities. The Quarterly goes on to say

“Located in the ticket office downstairs, these private, clean and very modern stalls and sinks would have made the Emperor proud.” Crapper Quarterly reviewer also calls Napoleon’s tomb one of the ‘coolest thing to visit’ in Paris.
Parislogue agrees with you 100 percent, on the facilities – and Napoleon’s tomb.

Long ago, when Parislogue was still Beyond Paris, I addressed the issue trying to find public restrooms in Paris. I had sent an e-mail to the Paris Tourism Office suggesting that the greatest benefit to a tourists would be a nifty map marking the exact location of all public facilities. Somehow I don’t think that idea was taken up. In the meantime, thanks to Crapper’s Quarterly, you not only get an arrondissement by arrondissement guide, but even photos!




There are still a few fine points that need to be ironed out. For example, Crapper Quarterly ‘man on the spot’ so to speak admits that he (or she?) has not yet tried out one of Paris’s kiosque toilets (which are FREE, completely FREE) unlike in the provinces where they cost about 20 centimes. Come on, be brave. You can do it!!
Hold your nose and take the plunge.

Secondly, I noticed that some arrondissements fell off the charts, i.e. the 10th, for which I just finished a post. The sadly neglected 10th must some public facilities.

Finally, a gentle word about CDG, i.e. Charles de Gaulle airport, the intrepid Crapper Quarterly reporter hit CDG on a good day. I pity the female who has to use the facilities around the baggage pick-up area on a busy day.

I know the Quarterly will continue to persevere and for that I am grateful. So, will you if you ever find yourself in a fix.