Eiffel Tower by Day, Eiffel Tower by Night

One of the benefits of visiting the Eiffel Tower during the day is the opportunity to study the Paris landscape in minute detail – nighttime or daytime viewing really depends on whether you want the ‘impressionist’ view or the architectural view. Sometimes photos like these make you happy to have a historical record of the landscape. (It makes you almost forget the squeeze into the elevator with a zillion other visitors!)

When is the best time of day to visit the Eiffel Tower? For years, we’ve taken visitors to see the Eiffel Tower, and for years, we’ve been taking them most often at the worst possible time of day – the afternoon. Rick Steves has suggested that the best time of day is either first thing in the morning when the Eiffel Tower opens for visits (9 am from July 15th to September 1st) or later in the evening after the tour buses are gone for the day. From July 15th to September 1st, the Eiffel Tower is open until 12:30 pm which means that the last admittance is 12 midnight.

If you’re too jet-lagged to consider arriving in time for the 9 am opening hours, why not go at midnight? Of course, the only negative here would be the fact that the Metro closes down at 12:30 pm also!




The current 2007 rates are:
Adults/Children +12) (Children 3-11 )
1st floor 4.50 € 2.30 €
2nd floor 7.80 € 4.30 €
Top 11.50 € 6.30 €

1st & 2nd floors 4.00 €

Be sure to check out some of the official Eiffel Tour site’s videos of the the sparkling Eiffel.