Move Your Art at the 4eme Mairie

Sculpture by Simon Rousselle:

Saturday, April 21st is the LAST day of an extraordinary show that we just happened to discover during our walk today in the Marais district at Espace d’Animation
48, rue Vielle-du-Temple
75004 Metro: Hotel de Ville
11 am to 7 pm. Free admission.

The name of the free art show is ‘Move Your Art’ The best word to describe the show in French would be ‘insolite’ or unusual – but in a very fun and inviting way.

Recycled bits of everything imaginable have been gathered together to make a merry go round, mechanical creations that sometimes demand spectator participation. You need to press your foot on a foot imprint to make a machine gust a phantom Marilyn Monroe’s red lingerie.




There are telephones with strange messages for the listener, plenty of strange noises, thumps and footsteps of antlered creatures that take us happenstance visitors to a fantasy land, far from the streets of Paris – but we are still ensconced in the 4th arrondissement, known by many visitors as the Marais.

Merry-go-round by Jean Francois LeComte

Although many talented artists participated in the show, we especially liked the work of Jean Francois LeComte who designed the ‘merry-go-round’.
Simon Rousselle’s bar scene colors made me eager to look around for a similar watrering hole on this sunny day in the Marais – but rather than bar scenes, it made me think back on the figurines we had just seen at the St. Germain Auxerrois church in a Flemish carving that had been snatched from the church during the Revolution and recovered in the 19th century. Whether we’re at a bar – or deep in prayer – our simple clay wrought bodies look small and superficial in comparison to the explosion of color in which we live.

If this weren’t already too much of a good thing, just outside the Mairie du 4eme, we met photographer Sebran d’Argent who was doing a street photo exhibit. His work included photos from Myanmar, Varanasi, and Ladak (on the Tibetan/Indian border). Sebran definitely has a connection with water – if any of you are Pisces or Aquarius, you need to check out his photos (but even if you aren’t, has photographed some extraordinary parts of the world from a unique vantage point.) He has an understated attitude – and doesn’t try to hit you over the head with ‘THE’ photo. There is more mood and fluidity than the static concept of photo or ‘shot’ – he has a love for the elements of photography – the silver – the paper – the darkroom – I’d describe his work as one part photography, nine parts alchemy. He buys his photo paper in Paris and does his developing in Poland – what could be more romantic than that? It makes digital sound almost like a dirty word.