The latest plate to be served up by French media: Cannibalism

(c) 2006 Chris Card Fuller
Today and yesterday Le Parisien has zeroed in on a jail cell in Rouen where one disturbed inmates sauteed parts of his cellmate’s lung for a late night snack. Babies’ fetuses in the fridge and sauteed lung – wow, what’s going on? Le Parisien reports that normally security rounds are done at the jail on a regular basis – hmm, wouldn’t someone have smelled something strange cooking? Or is it the 35 hour work week that has once again created havoc?

As you recall in a previous entry, a Santa Cruz professor once chided me when I had failed to see Julien Sorel’s head being carried in his lover’s lap as a ‘symbolic’ rather than a ‘real’ moment. Reality is horrifying – and it doesn’t remain in the past.




This reality reminds us that reality TV is just another fiction to distance ourselves from the here and now. We would cease to function – without that escape. If you tie this in with Les Bienveillantesby Jonathan Littell and then go to see The History Boys – paying special attention to the discussion of the Holocaust (as we did last night), all seems to confirm that the reality of the present moment is so horrifying in some cases that we can only find our escape from it in history lessons.
Quote of the day: “History is just one fucking thing after another.” The History Boys.,WKP-News-history08.article